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  • Live Shows on weekdays: 7am till 3pm

  • Wednesday: Country from 7pm

  • Friday: Rock n' Roll from 7pm

  • Saturday: "Grumpy Old Men", 9am till 10:30am

  • Sunday: Kids stories from 8am, prizes and requests from 7:30pm

How it all started

I have always been a Trade Me window shopper. Around 2012, I was browsing when I noticed a cheap, low power FM transmitter for sale. I bought it, and started dabbling with low power FM on Sunday nights just for a bit of fun.

Low and behold, people started listening. Low power FM gave me coverage over half of Gore. Sunday sessions became a popular and regular programme.

Not long after, I installed another low power transmitter at the south end of town. This gave me coverage of the Gore township, and enabled me to get a few advertisers (most of whom are still with us today).

Around 2013-2014, my now business partner approached me asking "What would it take to set up a commercial radio station?".
We then got our broadcast licence, allowing us to broadcast at just under 750 watts.

Our first studio was at Livestock Supplies, which sadly went up in smoke after only about a week (bugger).
Our studio has been located at 45 Mersey Street for almost 5 years with a steadily growing listener base.

Recently Cave FM set a NZ broadcasting record of 107 hours 28 minutes continuous broadcasting by one radio host, from 8:00am on the second of February 2019 to the following Wednesday at 7:28pm.

The Saga Continues

~ The CaveMan

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